Bioenergy Australia Webinar – Biofuels in Marine Applications

Date 26th Jun, 2017

Bioenergy Australia invites you to our next webinar for 2017 entitled,

Biofuels in Marine Applications

We are delighted to welcome Steve Rogers, Business Development Manager at Licella here in Australia and Professor Claus Felby (University of Copenhagen) who will join us from Denmark. Claus will talk on his work on biofuels in the marine transport sector.

Both speakers are active in the IEA Bioenergy Task 39 – Advanced Biofuels – (see more here).

We will hear an update on all things biofuels from Steve and Claus will talk about the

Note: This free seminar is one of many activities provided by  Bioenergy Australia under a funding agreement with ARENA for participation in the international IEA Bioenergy tasks.