Bioenergy Australia Webinar – Biorefining and ‘Biohubs’

Date 7th Jul, 2017

Bioenergy Australia invites you to our latest webinar for 2017 entitled,

‘Biohubs – taking biorefining to the next level
– Lessons from Canada’

We are delighted to welcome Geoff Bell, CEO of Microbiogen and Murray McLaughlin, advisor to Bioindustrial Innovation Canada.

Both speakers are active in the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 – Biorefining in a future Bioeconomy – (see more here).

We will hear an update on all things biorefining from Geoff and Murray will talk about the increasing prevalence of ‘biohubs’ – areas where similar bio-focussed companies co-locate in order to maximise the use of infrastructure and other opportunities to cooperate – noting his experience in Canada.