Biofuture Summit

Date 24th Oct, 2017 - 25th Oct, 2017
Location Hotel Estanplaza International, São Paulo - Brazil

While lots of international attention, investment and collaboration have been taking place in the renewable energy field, most of that recent action has been directed to the power sector. While that is welcome and critical, the world needs also to do more to scale up alternatives to fossil fuels in the transport sector and industry, taking advantage of new, sustainable technologies already in place.

The use of fossil fuels in transportation and industrial production contributes up to 35% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and sustainable biofuels, bioenergy, and bioproducts can have an important role to play in tackling these emissions.

The I Conference of the Biofuture Platform – organized in accordance with the mandate derived from the countries in the All-Member Biofuture Platform meeting (Abu Dhabi, January 2017) – will call attention to the need (increasingly evident in climate and econometric models, scenarios and projections by agencies such as IEA, IRENA and REN21, among others) to scale up sustainable bioenergy in order to keep the globe within agreed temperature level rises, and further discuss lessons on how to achieve that.