Pulp & Paper Modelling Webinar

Date 28th Apr, 2016 - 28th Apr, 2016
Contact Araceli Fernandez Pales
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The Energy Technology Policy Division (ETP) of the Directorate of Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks of the International Energy Agency is tasked with analysing the technological implications of long-term, sustainable energy scenarios as well as the policies needed to achieve the required technology pathways. These scenarios are used to inform the Energy Technology Perspectives and Low-Carbon Technology Roadmaps series of the IEA. To develop these scenarios, the ETP division continuously develops and maintains a set of models covering the whole energy system. The ETP Industry models are embedded in that modelling framework and include a specific model for the Pulp & Paper (P&P) sector.

This webinar is intended to bring together industry stakeholders, research organisations and academia to discuss challenges and opportunities of long-term energy modelling of the P&P sector. The webinar aims at providing and overview of the proposed improved ETP modelling framework for the P&P sector and stir discussions among participants on the techno-economic characterisation of widely used process technologies and alternative emerging process routes to gather input and share experiences to support the model development activities.

Please confirm your participation by April 22 by emailing: araceli.fernandezpales@iea.org or kira.west@iea.org.

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