Sustainable 1st and 2nd Generation Bioethanol for Europe – Opportunities for People, Planet & Profit

Date 26th Sep, 2017
Location Thon Hotel EU, Brussels, Belgium
Contact Zoe Volioti
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In the context of discussions regarding the draft EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), Sustainable First and Second Generation Bioethanol for Europe will provide a platform for discussions on the pros and cons of first and second generation bioethanol. The conference will look at whether the RED II proposals deliver on the European Commission’s mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonise transport.

Speakers include:

  • Joachim Lutz, CropEnergies CEO: Bioethanol in Europe: What is the status quo and where are we headed?
  • Prof. Dr. André P.C. Faaij, University of Groningen: Biobased economy as part of sustainable development; reconciling competing claims
  • Michael Carus and Lara Dammer, nova-Institute: Presentation of brand new research into the sustainability of different feedstocks
  • HW (Wolter) Elbersen, Wageningen UR: Variable demand as an avenue to sustainable first generation biofuels
  • Olivier Dubois, Leader Energy Programme, Climate and Environment Division (CBC), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)Myths, realities and needs on biofuels and food security
  • Prof. Daniela Thrän, DBFZ/UFZ: Competitiveness of conventional and advanced biofuels