WS06: The Biorefinery Concept

Date Apr 2007


This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo59 in Golden, USA on 25 April 2007. At the workshop presentations were given by 12 invited speakers.


ExCo59 Workshop Summary and Conclusions

P01 – Commercialising biorefineries, the path forward

P02 – Insuring success through stage gate and beyond

P03 – Proving technologies at the pilot scale for integrated biorefinery development.

P04 – Biorefinery the bridge between agriculture and chemistry

P05 – Pilot-scale thermochemical technologies for integrated biorefinery development

P06 – IBUS – best basis for biorefineries

P07 – Integratuion of Biomass and Cereal Ethanol Production

P08 – Incorporating Conversion R&D and Testing Adaptation in an Existing Facility

P09 – Upgrading of byproducts from biodiesel and sugar industry by bioconversion and chemical catalyst