WS07: Innovation in the Field of Bioenergy Business Development

Date Oct 2007


This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo60 in Munich, Germany on 29 October 2007. At the workshop presentations were given by 8 invited speakers.


ExCo60 Innovation in Bioenergy Business Development – Summary and Conclusions

P01 Emission trading and business opportunities – M. Gavelius

P02 The role of policy and institutions – the European Investment Bank – H-H.Jahn

P03 Advancing cellulosic ethanol – A. Destexhe

P04 Creating a sustainable biomass infrastructure – K. Holder

P05 Biomass Heating – National Implementation in the UK – K. Allen

P06 European Cleantech and Bioenergy – P. Burtis

P07 Business development in developing countries – I.Herold

P08 Pro-poor Investments in Biofuels the case of jatropha – A. Renner