WS08: Biofuels for Transport – Part of a Sustainable Future?

Date May 2008


This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo61 in Oslo, Norway on 14 May 2008. At the workshop presentations were given by 12 invited speakers.


ExCo61 Biofuels for Transport – Part of a Sustainable Future_Summary and Conclusions

P01 Biofuel Sustainability in the renewable energy directive – K. Maniatis

P02 The US Perspective – drivers and sustainability considerations – J. McMillan

P03 Brazil, Ec and US Tripartite Work on Standards – W. May

P04 Sustainable Ethanol – What is the Context – P. Carstedt

P05 Will new biofuels provide the solutions – D. Boot

P06 The Brazilian Perspective – A. Szwarc

P07 Biofuels – is the cure worse than the disease – R. Doornbusch

P08 Sustainability of Biofuels – Challenges – S. Kiianmaa

P09 Resources and Competition between different uses

P10 Environmental Issues of Biofuels – U. Fritsche

P11 Carbon and sustainability reporting in the UK – J. Chalmers_5907

P12 Nordic Swan Initiative for Biofuels Labelling – T. Lien