Task 31: Biomass Production for Energy from Sustainable Forestry

Website: task43.ieabioenergy.com
Participating Countries: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, and the USA


Now replaced by Task 43

The objective of the Task is to share, analyse, synthesize, disseminate, and promote scientific knowledge and technical information leading to the economically and environmentally sustainable production of biomass for energy from integrated forestry systems.

The work of the Task involves criteria for sustainable forest management of bioenergy production systems involving multi-use forestry with primary production of traditional forest products. The scope is worldwide, including boreal, temperate, subtropical and tropical forest regions. The work includes sharing and synthesis of research information, analysis of policy relevance, and dissemination of this information to help promote the sustainable development goals of national programmes in participating countries. The basis of the approach is an integrated concept of biomass production systems incorporating biological, economic, environmental and social components. Multi-disciplinary partnerships of key research, government and industry stakeholders and policy makers are fostered in forest biomass production research, planning and operations. The programme and activities undertaken in previous Task periods are continued and enhanced.

The primary end users for Task outputs are forest managers, researchers and bioenergy planners, but Task outputs will also be useful for policy makers, NGOs and the interested public.