Task 35: Techno-economic Assessments for Bioenergy Applications

Participating Countries: Austria, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA


The objectives of this Task were to:

  • Make companies developing new systems within the bioenergy area and their products known to participating countries by carrying out site specific pre-feasibility studies;
  • Support development of combustion, gasification and pyrolysis technologies for appropriate bioenergy applications. Based on the expertise within the Task, concepts will be selected so that their characteristics are suited for studied applications and appear feasible. An effort will be made to define these feedstocks and applications especially suitable for gasification and pyrolysis;
  • Summarize experiences from the studies in such a mannor that they may be employed as guidelines for R&D.; Conventional boiler plants will be employed as references in advanced heat and power production concepts;
  • Report opportuntites, solutions and problems in bioenergy business in participating countries.

“Techno-economic assessments” is an estimation of a system, in which technical uncertainties are assessed in addition to the economic feasibility. “Bioenergy application” is a system, in which biomass production is followed by biomass transport, handling, conversion, and end use of the converted biofuel.

The work of this Task has now been completed.