7th International Symposium on Gasification and its Applications (ISGA7)

Date 29th Jun, 2020 - 3rd Jul, 2020
Location Nancy, France
Contact Guillain Mauviel
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Gasification of solid fuels allows producing syngas that may be upgraded to various convenient energy carriers: electricity, gaseous fuels (H2, CH4), liquid fuels (diesel, methanol, DME). Besides political and legal barriers, there are still scientific, technological and economic challenges that should be overcome to accelerate the implementation of gasification in our growing world. Every 2 years, the ISGA events gather the researchers to discuss the progress that have been achieved. ISGA-7 will also gather industrials that will detail their achievements and needs. ISGA-7 will deal with various scientific and technological topics related with:

  • gasification reactors: fixed bed, fluidized bed, entrained flow…
  • upgrading technology: syngas purification and separation, engines / fuel cells, catalytic and biological reactors
  • gasification processes analysis: environmental, social and economic impacts assessment.

To increase interaction and discussions, we aim for a small number of participants (around 200). This conference will include plenary, keynote and short lectures as well as poster sessions. The last day of this symposium will be the Industrial Technical Day: lectures from industrial specialists and panel discussions are planned.