Lignin2014 – biosynthesis and utilization

24 Aug, 2014 - 28 Aug, 2014
Location: Umeå, Sweden
Contact: Marlene Karlsson
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The Lignin 2014 conference aims to strengthen our knowledge on the various aspects of lignin biosynthesis and utilization, from the basic cell biology, molecular biology to pre-treatment of plant biomass and utilization of lignin. The conference is organized with the support of the Formas-financed strong research environment BioImprove (

We will start the conference at the beautiful river-side Arts Campus of Umeå University on August, 24th, and the meeting will run until afternoon on August, 28th in Umeå City, located in the city centre of 2014 European  Capital of Culture.

The sessions of the conference are:
1) Cell and developmental biology of lignin
2) Lignin monomers synthesis and transcriptional regulation
3) Oxidative polymerization of lignin
4) Diversity of natural lignins
5) Modification of lignins in plants
6) Lignin characterization technologies
7) Lignocellulose processing and extraction of lignin
8) Novel applications for lignin and lignin derivatives