Task 40 Workshop – Growth & Evolution of Biomass Trade to Meet Future Market Demands

05 Jun, 2014 - 06 Jun, 2014
Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
Contact: Chun Sheng Goh
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Task 40

Northwest Russia is one of the anticipated key export regions of woody biomass for energy. But biomass is often wet, has low density and often consists of heterogeneous material, so efficient pretreatment and logistics are a key factor, requiring innovative solutions for realize cost- and energy-efficient logistic chains. At the same time, new products, such as wood pellets and torrefied pellets and pyrolysis oil from biomass also pose new safety challenges, which need to be addressed. Last but not least, especially when biomass is sourced from outside the EU, it is important to ensure the sustainable production, e.g through best management practices, sustainability certification or other measures. The session discusses these aspects as related to innovation and their impacts on biomass trade, including the utilisation and trade of boreal forest resources.

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