Exploring the viability of small scale anaerobic digesters in livestock farming

Dec 2015

This report explores the viability of small scale anaerobic digestion for livestock farming where there is a need to deal with animal manure and slurry in a manner that minimises the emission of greenhouse gases. Dairy farming for example is dominated by small herds of animals, the slurry from which must be managed efficiently for the farm and to maintain high standards of health in a cost effective manner. AD is an acknowledged technology for farming operations that affords a high standard of manure management, the production of high quality biofertiliser and also the possibility of generating energy for own use as well as export.
The report is aimed at energy policy and decision makers as well as WWTP operators and was produced by IEA Bioenergy Task 37, an expert working group that addresses challenges related to the economic and environmental sustainability of biogas production and utilisation.