Mini-review of Energy Crops and Crop Residues (January 1998).

Date Aug 1998


Two bioenergy reviews have been published following close collaboration between IEA Bioenergy and CADDET:

1. Mini-review of Energy Crops and Crop Residues (January 1998).

2. Advanced Thermal Conversion Technologies for Energy from Solid Waste (August 1998).

A joint study by the IEA Bioenergy Programme and the IEA CADDET Renewable Energy Programme has reviewed the current status of Advanced Thermal Conversion Technologies, which refer to gasification and pyrolysis of municipal and industrial waste. These technologies have the potential to offer both reduced environmental emissions and greater overall energy recovery efficiencies. About forty advanced thermal conversion plants for waste are listed in the report. The report assesses the current status of the technologies world-wide, concluding that the technology is at the point of transition between the R&D and commercialisation phases. Both the market drivers and barriers to deployment are studied.

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