Suitable Land Slots for SRC plantations – Multi Criteria Decision Analysis

Date Jan 2019


This IEA Bioenergy Task 43 report applies a multicriteria decision making analysis (fuzzy analytical hierarchical process – fAHP) to assist policy in the selection of the most suitable land slots for growing short rotation coppice (SRC). It allows identification of the most suitable land slots for SRC plantations not upon technical grounds, but preferred criteria of the stakeholders where preferred priorities, organised under the three pillars of sustainable development, become the basis for a dialogue and engagement of technical criteria. Some suitable land selections: (1) land slots overburden with nutrients (excess nitrogen or phosphorus) in the vicinity of water supply or wastewater treatment plants (WWTP); (2) land slots on un-utilized agriculture land that need ecoservices and create new business opportunities for local renewable energy production (Canada); (3) land slots on unutilized agriculture land that need ecosystem services and provide attractive economic opportunities for young rural population (Croatia).