Techno-economic evaluation of selected decentralised CHP applications based on biomass combustion with steam turbine and ORC processes

Since the first CHP plant based on biomass combustion was launched the technologies in the field of power generation have continuously developed. To give an overview of recent technological developments and demonstration activities regarding small-scale biomass CHP systems a project called “Decentralised CHP technologies based on biomass combustion – state of development, demonstration activities, economic performance (IEA-CHP)” has been launched within the IEA Bioenergy Agreement Task 32 in 2004. The main objective was to perform technological and economic evaluations of innovative small-scale biomass CHP technologies in a capacity range of up to 20 MWel. Now, ten years later an update of the most successful and market relevant CHP approaches, the steam turbine and the ORC technology has been made under consideration of the technological development which took place within the last ten years but also with regard to the current economic framework conditions.

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