WS01: Liquid Biofuels from Black Liquor Gasification – ExCo54

Date Oct 2004


This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo54 in Ottawa, Canada on 6 October 2004. At the workshop presentations were given by six invited speakers.


Black Liquor Gasification – summary and conclusions

ExCo54 P1 The Case for a National Emphasis on Biomass Gasification Technology

ExCo54 P2 An Introduction to ThermoChem Recovery International

ExCo54 P3 CHEMREC – Black Liquor Gasification Technology

ExCo54 P4 Black Liquor Gasification and Bio-Fuel Production in Canada

ExCo54 P5 CHEMREC BLGMF TEchnology – System impact on the Mill and the Biomass Usage at the Mill Site

ExCo54 P6 BTL-Fuels for the Transportation Sector – Volkswagens view