WS05: Availability of Biomass Resources, Certification/Sustainability Criteria and Land-use and Bioenergy in the Kyoto and post-Kyoto Framework – ExCo58

Date Oct 2006


This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo58 in Stockholm, Sweden on 4 October 2006. At the workshop presentations were given by eight invited speakers.


ExCo58 P1 The role of LULUCF in the Kyoto Protocol, in countries mitigation efforts and in post-2012 climate policy

ExCo58 P2 Role of bioenergy in the Kyoto Protocol in the EU-ETS and in future climate agreements

ExCo58 P3 The Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan

ExCo58 P4 Global biomass availability – assumptions and conditions

ExCo58 P5 Market driven utilisation of bioenergy potentials

ExCo58 P6 Criteria and indicators for Sustainable production of forest biomas for energy

ExCo58 P7 Criteria for Sustainable Biomass Production

ExCo58 P8 Biomass Potential in Europe

ExCo58 P9 The CAP and Bioenergy – Driver or Barrier

The Availability of Biomass Resources for Energy – Sumamry and Conclusions