WS15: Environmental Sustainability of Biomass

Date Dec 2011


A very successful ExCo68 workshop on ‘Environmental Sustainability of Biomass’ was held on Day 1 of the Bioenergy Australia 2011 Conference and was well attended by ExCo Members, Task Leaders, and conference participants. The workshop presentations are listed below:


ExCo68 Workshop ‘Environmental Sustainability of Biomass’ Summary and conclusions

P01 Expaning Bioenergy – global potentials and regional challenges – G

P02 Governing Bioenergy – an international perspective on attempts tp define and promote sustainable bioenergy development

P03 Prospects for Developing Sustainable Bioenergy Markets and Trade – A Faaij

P04 Sustainable Bioenergy In Australia – an overview – D O’Connell

P05 Biofuel sustainability certification – the RSB Standard – V Junquera

P06 Sustainable Investment in Forestry for Timber and Biomass – N OBrien

P07 Quantifying climate change impacts of biomass and bioenergy systems – A. Cowie

P08 Bioenergy in water-scarce countries – D Neary

P09 Maintaining soil fertility in biomass for bioenergy production systems – J Raison