Biomass Combustion and Co-firing

Countries Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland


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1.         Definition and Objective

(a)        Definition

‘Biomass Combustion and Co-Firing’ refers to both dedicated combustion and co-firing of biomass for the production of usable energy and includes market introduction and optimisation of biomass combustion technologies.


(b)        Objective

The objective of this Task is to collect, analyse, share, and disseminate strategic, technical and non-technical information on biomass combustion and co-firing applications, leading to increased acceptance and performance in terms of environment, costs and reliability, and to support the existing momentum in market introduction of improved combustion and co-firing systems in its member countries.

2.         Scope of the Task

(a)     The Participants will have R&D programmes within their countries in order to meet the above objectives.

(b)     The Participants will carry out co-operative research work towards reaching the objectives described in paragraph 1(b) above, based on the national R&D programme referred to in sub-paragraph (a) above.


(c)     The Programme of Work will comprise the following:

(i)      Task meetings to exchange results from relevant national R&D programmes;

(ii)     Study tours and international workshops dealing with:
–  CFD as a tool to optimise geometry of biomass combustion systems,
–  increasing co-firing percentages in biomass co-firing,
–  approaches to enable combustion of challenging fuels,
–  progress in torrefaction technologies, and
–  design of highly efficient and clean stoves and boilers; and

(iii)    Specific actions resulting in:

–  Publication on new fuel characterisation methods, summarising the result of recent EU, ERANET and national projects

–  Status report on torrefaction and other pre-treatment technologies,

–  Technical report on standardisation in particle emission measurement techniques, summarising the status of standardisation regarding particle emission measurements as well as necessary recommendations for future actions; and

–  Policy paper and background technical report on the health impact of combustion aerosols.

–  Publication on new options for higher superheater temperatures in biomass boilers

–  Publication on optimal design of biomass fired district heating networks

–  TEA and best practises of combustion for CHP in comparison to pyrolysis and gasification

–  Database on biomass co-firing experiences

–  Technical report on biomass milling and combustion in pulverised fuel boilers

(iv)    Information exchange with other IEA IA’s, other IEA Bioenergy Tasks and other international networks on thermal biomass conversion worldwide;

(v)     ExCo interaction and support.