Project 3 – Joint project with the Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement

Countries Finland, Germany and the European Commission


Project 3: Joint project with the Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement, Annex XXXVII ‘Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Buses: Overall energy efficiency and emission performance’

Project Leader: Professor Kai Sipilä, VTT, Finland
Operating Agent: Professor Kai Sipilä, VTT, Finland

Status: The project commenced in January 2009 and will have a duration of 2½ years. The objective of this high profile Task is to bring together IEA expertise to access overall energy efficiency, emissions, and costs, both direct and indirect costs, of various technology options for buses. City buses are amongst the most coherent vehicle fleets. Procurement of bus services is often handled by municipalities or state in a centralised manner. The impact of city buses on urban air quality is huge, and fuel efficiency is crucial for operational
costs. Biofuels will have a major role in the test programme.

The project is of interest to seven Implementing Agreements, including IEA Bioenergy, all of which have transport-related activities. The participants from IEA Bioenergy are co-financing the project at the level of €75,000. The total budget is Euro 1,075,000. A final report is planned for November 2011.

For more information please contact the Secretary Mr John Tustin