2013 Workshop On Bio-Energy And Bio-Fuels And Their Impact On The Global Economy

Task General
16 Sep, 2013 - 18 Sep, 2013
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Contact: Secretariat of the 2013 Workshop
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The main topics of the Workshop are: 1. Cellulose and non-cellulosic ethanol – costs, benefits and obstacles (technical, policy etc.) to further development; 2. Algal capture of CO2 to produce of biodiesel and other fuels; 3. Plant based chemical feedstocks and high value precursors; 4. Capture of energy from livestock and urban waste (sewerage, compostable household refuse etc.) 5. Impact of government policy, legislation and regulations on employing biorenewables.

A special topic proposed for discussion among the scientists, industrialists and invited politicians is: “Australian Carbon Tax – one year along the track”