IEA Bioenergy GDPR Compliance

IEA Bioenergy is fully committed to the aims and principles of the GDPR. We use state-of-the-art encryption and backup technology, using services provided by GDPR compliant systems. We continuously seek to improve our capabilities in this regard. We use the minimum of personal data, share it only with organisations fully compliant, and If you have any requests about your data please complete the form below and we will respond as quickly as is possible.

Please bear in mind that deleting data that is dependent on other data or has data dependent on it may take some time due to the programmatic nature of the request.

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    Please understand that by completing this form you begin a process that will take some time to complete. We do not automate this process as full human review is required to ensure we retain full compliance not only with GDPR but with all other relevant legislation and regulation.

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