Success Stories

IEA Bioenergy has started to make a collection of success stories in the field of bioenergy. This is not intended to be a comprehensive exercise, but to provide a number of examples with a broad coverage in terms of geographical regions, feedstocks, conversion/end use, and actors.

A success story is defined as a project/initiative which provides a step forward towards longer-term sustainable bioenergy use. The project can be at demonstration, pre-commercial or commercial stage, but always in an operational environment. An important argument is the replicability and scale-up potential of the project, and its contribution to sustainable development goals (SDGs). Where possible, success factors and constraints are also highlighted.

Demonstration / early commercial


Dall Energy (Denmark) – Low emission fuel flexible biomass furnace – February 2018
Dall Energy – Low Emission Furnace_DK_Final

BioPower2Gas (Germany) – Development, simulation and evaluation of optimal performance-adjustable biogas technologies – February 2018
Bio Power 2 Gas_DE_Final

Biomass heating plant, Krumpendorf (Austria) – with the power of the sun and the earth – February 2018
Biomass District Heating Krumpendorf_AT_Final

Commercial application


Wood-fuelled gasifier plant at Skive District Heating Company (Denmark) – February 2018
Gasifier Skive DH_DK_Final

SunPine tall oil diesel (Sweden) – February 2018
Sunpine Tall Oil Diesel SE_Final

Lantmännen Agroetanol (Sweden) – Stringent CO2 reduction criteria lead to business success – February 2018
Lantmännen Agroetanol SE_Final

Large biomass CHP plant in Stockholm (Sweden) – One of the largest biomass fired combined heat and power plants in the world – February 2018
Large CHP Värtaverket SE_Final

Ontario Power Generation (Canada) – Coal to biomass journey furnace – February 2018
OPG Coal to biomass CA_Final

Bayreuth Bioenergy Region (Germany) – Combining bioenergy and art projects, providing information, education and improving acceptance – February 2018
Bayreuth Bioenergy Region Art-Education Acceptance_DE_Final 

Task 37 (biogas) already published several case studies and success stories in their field. These can be found at AND