Bioenergy in balancing the grid & providing storage options

14 Jun, 2016 - 14 Jun, 2016
Location: Brussels, Belgium
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IEA Bioenergy

The significant advances of wind and solar energy in the EU electricity market have created concerns on the management of the grid. These are bound to increase in the future with further expansion of intermittent energy sources. Efforts are being carried out by European utilities, research organisations and other stakeholders to understand the problems, solutions and strategies in balancing the grid.

Bioenergy, in its various forms, can possibly contribute to balancing the grid; however, little attention has been paid so far to the possible role of bioenergy as an effective, low carbon and low cost grid management and energy storage option.

This workshop will address the grid issues arising from the success and accelerated penetration of wind and solar applications and present possible areas where bioenergy can play an effective role. This may be achieved through integrated bioenergy applications or through bioenergy hybrid installations with other RES.