Call for Papers – iSGA-4 4th International Symposium on Gasification and its Applications

27 Feb, 2014 - 28 Apr, 2014
Location: Vienna, Austria
Contact: Dr. Michael Fuchs
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Call for Abstracts

Reliable energy supply is essential for our daily life and for progress in an economical perspective. The development in the United States in the last ten years has dramatically illustrated the importance of competitive energy supply for a big economy. The US is currently experiencing a reindustrialisation, mainly driven by cheap gas supply, while in Europe investments in energy intensive production plants are at stake. This is particularly dissatisfying if we take into account that Europe is among the most energy-efficient economies in the world.

Only innovations and developments with a sustainable potential in an ecological and techno-economical perspective will help us to feed the world’s energy hunger in future. For sure these efforts need scientific exchange and the opportunity for benchmarking and feedback processes towards industrial and political stakeholders.

To bring research and the whole process in the means of gasification and fluidized bed technology fundamentals and its applications in a pilot, demonstration and industrial scale one big step ahead, technology specific conferences are needed. Also the approaches to framing questions have to be addressed towards the scientific community.

National and international researchers as well as industrial representatives from the manufacturer and utility side are therefore invited to contribute to the success of the conference by the submission of papers and posters.

 The three-day program for the conference on the 2nd to 4th September 2014 includes:

  • Overview lectures describing the state-of-the-art in different technologies
  • Oral presentations on research, development and demonstration projects
  • Poster presentations on research, development and demonstration projects
  • Excursions to demonstration and industrial plants – optionally on the fourth day.