Chemical Fuels & Clean Coal Conference 2014

06 Oct, 2014 - 07 Oct, 2014
Location: Capital Yard Golf Lounge, Berlin, Germany
Contact: KIC InnoEnergy Germany - Tel: +49 721 47041 600
KIC InnoEnergy’s Second European Conference on Chemical Fuels & Clean Coal Technologies will focus on collaborative approaches and ideas for how to advance some of the EU’s greatest sustainable energy challenges and opportunities. 
Through a series of talks, dialogues and keynote speeches, you and another 100 participants, among them experts and organizations already making a positive impact in the field, will identify current developments and determine the next steps required collectively to tackle the greatest challenges and opportunities. 
The event will also give you the opportunity to co-create and become part of a stimulating ecosystem of key stakeholders that will advance the EU’s sustainable energy agenda.
The key topics of the conference will include: Power to Gas, Waste Utilization, Chemical Energy Carriers, Biomass to Liquid, Demand Side Management, CO2 Capture and Utilization