Expert workshop: Exploring flexibility from renewable hydrogen and bioenergy in energy systems modelling

17 Nov, 2023
Location: Torino (IT)
Task 44RegularIEA Bioenergy

Workshop organized by

  • IEA Bioenergy Task 44 Flexibility and System Integration
  • ITP Synergies green hydrogen and biobased value chains
  • IEA Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP)

Multi-sector coupling holds the potential for increasing flexibility. But what are the beneficial and detrimental impacts of system flexibilisation, and how can we assess and anticipate them?

The objective of this IEA Bioenergy, IEA ETSAP and IEA Hydrogen collaboration is to exchange modelling experiences and perspectives on the multi-faceted aspects of flexibility. A bioenergy supply chain can be an intricate and networked affair: Flexibility can often be found throughout the chain, in feedstock sourcing, pre-treatment, storage, distribution, and conversion into heat, power, and fuels. While hydrogen supply and utilisation from feedstock-independent renewables might be a less complex endeavour, respective impact assessment is not straightforward either. For example, energy storage at different time scales, inter-sectoral synergies and tradeoffs, and contributions to energy security must be accounted for. Also, system complexification through integration, sector-, and multi-sector coupling boosts systemic risks, encompassing safety concerns, security vulnerabilities, and the potential for cascading failures.

Adjunct to the ETSAP workshop and ExCo meeting in Torino (IT), a half-day workshop will set the scene for the discussion and the joint planning of a webinar with the aim of formulating a modelling agenda for flexibilisation impact assessment.

Your participation and expertise are invaluable to shaping this discourse. We eagerly anticipate your presence for the interdisciplinary and inclusive exchange.



Friday 17 November 2023


09:00 – 12:30

Session A – Chair: Brian Ó’Gallachóir

  • Reframing flexibility beyond power
    Fabian Schipfer, IEA Bioenergy TCP
  • Bioenergy in energy system models with flexibility
    Tiina Koljonen & Anna Krook-Riekola, IEA ETSAP
  • Flexibility with renewable hydrogen
    Paul Dodds, Jana Fakhreddine & Kari Espegren, IEA ETSAP

Session B – Chair: Tiina Koljonen, VTT

  • Presentation on IEA Net Zero Pathways/Roadmap
    Uwe Remme, IEA
  • Collaborative design of the February 2024 flexibilisation webinar
    Moderated by Fabian Schipfer and Christiane Hennig, IEA Bioenergy TCP


Concept: Hybrid workshop: Speakers present in Torino and online, audience in Torino and online

Admission: Free

Registration: Sign up here –

IEA_BIOENERGY_REPORT_chapter_5_3_img_00Sustainable bioenergy supports the integration of variable renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind energy (Photo credit: pexels/Yaroslav Shurae)