Guidelines to overcome barriers for commercialization of advanced biofuels

25 Nov, 2021 - 25 Nov, 2021
Location: Stockholm & online
Contact: Tomas Ekbom
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The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) is proud to present a seminar and workshop from the IEA Bioenergy TCP with Task 39 (biofuels), Task 40 (biomass) and Task 45 (supply) in cooperation with the Swedish Gasification Centre (SFC) and Task 33 (gasification).

There are major challenges associated with achieving a fossil carbon-neutral society by 2050. The transport sector proves to be a difficult sector to recarbonize – from fossil to renewable carbon based fuels.

Biofuel production is expected to grow only at low rate despite billions of dollars in development and of investments. Stronger policy support and a greater rate of innovation are required to reduce the costs of development and scale up.

An intertask project have analyzed international progress and experiences to identify which approaches have proved to be most effective. The project have essentially answered research questions:

  • What are key factors for the success of sustainable advanced biofuel projects?
  • What is required to re-stimulate vigorous biofuels development and commercialization?

The workshop will discuss the presented guidelines to overcome the technical, economic, societal and political barriers in past and ongoing booms and busts cycles of biofuel technologies and to stimulate increased future markets for production and consumption of advanced transport biofuels.

Presentations and material will be given to participants. Invitation and registration will soon open.