International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies

Task General
02 Sep, 2013 - 05 Sep, 2013
Location: Vienna University of Technology, Vienna
Contact: Dr. Michael Fuchs
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Biomass gasification is a key technology for a high efficient biomass utilisation in the future. All different types of energy currently used within our energy system can be provided by the conversion of solid biomass into syngas: heat, electricity and biofuels.

Therefore such polygeneration systems have become more and more important within energy policy and industry in recent years. This is the reason why this topic has been discussed on several conferences. But slowly it is realised that for economic and environmental reasons as well as due to limited biomass resources such polygeneration systems could be much more promising if they are part of integrated biorefineries. Such biorefineries are characterised by a wide range of different biomass feedstock as well as a broad variety of different products to be used as a raw material as well as an energy carrier.

Against this background the main aim of the conference is it to present the current state-of-the-art of syngas production from different biomass feedstock and in various capacities, the syngas cleaning and syngas utilisation for the provision of e.g. biofuels and bulk chemicals. Additionally ideas and concepts of such integrated biorefinieries are presented, discussed and assessed. Furthermore a platform for the exchange of information, results and experiences is offered. Therefore researchers as well as industrial representatives are invited to participate within this conference.