Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioenergy

08 Dec, 2013 - 11 Dec, 2013
Location: San Diego, California
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The Pacific Rim Summit is the original conference dedicated solely to the growth of the industrial biotechnology and bioenergy sectors in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Industrial biotech covers the application of biobased tools to traditional industrial processes and the manufacturing  of biobased products including fuels, chemicals and plastics from renewable feedstocks. The evolution of our ability to manipulate microbial genomes has revolutionized the field of biotechnology and produced a rapid increase in innovation for industrial uses.

There are constant concerns over the price volatility and availability of crude oil, making now a better time than any to continue the push toward a biobased economy that provides fuels, chemicals, products and energy sustainability thanks to advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals. An increasing number of companies are currently operating or in the process of building and financing commercial industrial biotech plants. Biobased chemicals are becoming more cost competitive making them a near-term opportunity for the replacement of petrochemicals with renewable resources.

Four program tracks at the upcoming December conference include Biorefinery Platforms, Biomass Production and Utilization, Renewable Chemical Platforms, and Technical and Research Presentations. The program tracks will give you an opportunity to learn about the latest in advanced biofuels, algae, biomass production, biopolymers, bioplastics, dedicated energy crops, renewable chemicals, marine bio-resources and synthetic biology.