Workshop on high temperature corrosion in biomass combustion installations

Source Task 32: Biomass Combustion and Cofiring
04 Jun, 2014
Location: Jönköping, Sweden
Contact: Jaap Koppejan
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Task 32

Biomass power plant owners increasingly thrive for the use the cheap and therefore low biomass grades available, while maintaining high electrical efficiencies. Similarly, pulverised coal fired plants are increasingly interested in cofiring biomass, or even full conversion from coal to biomass. This often results in corrosion related challenges for the boiler materials used.

Task 32 therefore organises a workshop on the problem of high temperature corrosion, at the World Bioenergy Conference, wednesday 4 June 2014. The workshop provides an overview of the fundamental mechanisms behind high temperature corrosion, as well as a number of practical ways to mitigate the corrosion to acceptable levels. The agenda will be made available on