Seminar/webinar: Assessment of Successes and Lessons Learned for Biofuels Deployment

21 Sep, 2023 - 21 Sep, 2023
Location: Gothenburg (SE) & online
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Free hybrid IEA Bioenergy seminar, connected to the Advanced Biofuels Conference 2023 (Gothenburg, Sweden), 21 September 2023

The Intertask project “Assessment of successes and lessons learned for biofuels deployment” has evaluated the technical, economic, societal and political reasons underlying the past and ongoing booms and busts cycles of biofuel technologies development, demonstration, deployment and replication. This has been done in order to identify technology successes and the best policy framework conditions and measures for stimulating increased future markets for production and consumption of sustainable transport biofuels.
Research questions:

  • What are key factors for the success of sustainable advanced biofuel projects?
  • What is required to re-stimulate vigorous biofuels development and commercialization?

This seminar presented the final results of this project.


Moderator: Luc Pelkmans, Technical Coordinator, IEA Bioenergy TCP, Belgium

Presentations of

  • Tomas Ekbom, Program Director, Svebio, Sweden
    • Policy status
  • Heitor Cantarella, Director, Center for Soils and Environmental Resources, Brazil (On-line)
    • Meta-analysis of existing studies
  • Franziska Müller-Langer, Head of Department Biorefineries, DBFZ, Germany (On-line)
    • Case studies of technologies
  • Pralhad H Burli, Economist, Idaho National Laboratory, USA (On-line)
    • Sustainable biomass supply chains for international markets
  • Tomas Ekbom, Svebio, Sweden
    • Synopsis and synthesis of key issues

Panel: With above speakers and Bharadwaj Kummamuru, World Bioenergy Association

Final reports of the Lessons Learned Biofuels project are available at:

More information on the conference: Advanced Biofuels Conference 2023 (