Assessment of successes and lessons learned for biofuels deployment


Duration: 01/07/2020 – 30/09/2023


This project examined the technical, economic, societal and political reasons underlying the past and ongoing booms and busts cycles of biofuel technologies development, demonstration, deployment and replication. The aim was to identify key factors for technology successes and the best policy framework conditions as well as the measures for stimulating increased future markets for production and consumption of sustainable liquid transport biofuels.

The work was carried out from 2020 to 2023 in a collaboration between the IEA Bioenergy Task 39 “Biofuels”, Task 40 “Deployment” and Task 45 “Sustainability”. The work was organized in five work packages and one work package dedicated to project management.


WP1 report: Status of biofuels policies and market deployment in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the United States

WP2 report: Meta-analysis on existing studies

WP3 report: Case studies technologies

WP4 report: Sustainable biomass supply chains for international markets

WP5 report: Synopsis of the project / synthesis of key issues



  • Workshop – Guidelines to overcome barriers for commercialization of advanced biofuels (25 November 2021)
  • Swedish workshop on new investments and risks (13 April 2021)
  • IETS workshop on industrial use of biofuel (13 March 2022)

Workshop summaries 

Closing webinar: Assessment of Successes and Lessons Learned for Biofuels Deployment (21 September 2023)