Jun 2020

Bioenergy Australia welcomes the development of a first-ever national Bioenergy Roadmap, which will identify the role that the bioenergy sector can play in Australia’s energy transition and in helping Australia meet its emission reduction commitments, while leveraging the significant and multi-faceted opportunity.

As Bioenergy Australia is a key stakeholder in the development of the Bioenergy Roadmap, we see this submission as a formal response highlighting the wide-ranging opportunity Australia’s potential bioeconomy can provide.

Our participation in the development of the Roadmap is not limited to this submission, and includes regular engagement with ARENA and the consultants, participation in the reference group and reviewing of drafts prior to release.

Bioenergy Australia would like to reinforce the key deliverables we are looking to see in the Roadmap:

  1. Identification of the elements of the bioeconomy that present the greatest opportunity in
  2. Australia across the short, medium and long term
  3. Strong economic modelling to highlight the investment and employment opportunities
  4. Identification of regulatory and economic barriers to the deployment of the bioeconomy
  5. Identification of policy mechanisms to support the development of the industry

Read the full Bioenergy Roadmap submission here