Bioenergy, Land Use Change and Climate Change Mitigation – Background Technical Report

Sep 2011

This report was prepared by Associate Professor Göran Berndes, of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; with input from contributing authors Mr Neil Bird, Joanneum Research, Austria and Professor Annette Cowie, The National Centre for Rural Greenhouse Gas Research, Australia. It was co-financed by IEA Bioenergy and the Swedish Energy Agency. The report addresses a much debated issue – bioenergy and associated land use change, and how the climate change mitigation from use of bioenergy can be influenced by greenhouse gas emissions arising from land use change. The purpose of this background report is to supply a more detailed, fully referenced version for practitioners, and researchers, in support of the short version (IEA Bioenergy: ExCo:2010:03) which was aimed at policy advisors and policy makers.