Governance of environmental sustainability of manure-based centralised biogas production in Denmark

Jul 2018

The production and utilisation of biogas from anaerobic digestion (AD) in Denmark takes place in a very complex, cross-sectorial arena, where it is governed by a mix of frameworks developed by each of the sectors, or for biogas specifically. The policy initiatives and strategies as well as the governing methodologies and frameworks for biogas are continuously challenged and reshaped through the interaction of the actors in the biogas arena and contributing sectors, such as farming, food, households, energy, and municipalities. The interaction of these actors leads to policy interventions and governance frameworks that aim to promote the potential sustainability benefits and address potential sustainability challenges of the manure-based centralised biogas concept. The aim of this IEA Bioenergy Task 37 report is to examine the relationship between these policies and governance frameworks and the general level of trust in the sustainability of the manure based centralised biogas concept.