IEA Bioenergy Webinar – Biomass Pretreatment Options to Diversify the Resource Base

25 Apr 2019

An increased demand for biomass means that greater mobilisation of biomass resources will be required to meet market needs. The availability of biomass has been addressed in many studies and may be limited by various environmental, economic, logistical, technical or policy factors. The breadth of suitable biomass feedstocks can be expanded by pretreating otherwise marginal-quality materials to improve their energy content, chemical composition or physical properties. This webinar presents the results of an IEA Bioenergy intertask project that focused on opportunities for biomass pretreatment. It shows how currently available pretreatment technologies and technologies under development can help the supply chains for available solid biomass resources for thermochemical conversion. Five carefully selected case studies describe key options for pretreatment of solid biomass resources for energy generation, including their costs, effectiveness and commercial status.

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