The Hotspots of the Global Wood Pellet Industry and Trade 2017

01 Dec 2017

The webinar highlights the main findings of the IEA Bioenergy Global Wood Pellet Industry and Trade Study 2017, focusing on the hotspots of North America, Europe and Asia.

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Erratum: During the webinar, Martin Junginger stated that there are no mandatory sustainability criteria in place for non-industrial use of solid biomass. This is not entirely correct. The UK does have sustainability criteria for the Renewable Heat Incentive and many of these are small scale schemes For small schemes these can be met by accrediting the supplier on the Biomass Suppliers list, so that individual users don’t need to do it. A comprehensive overview and comparison of sustainability criteria in a number of EU member countries can also be found here:

Additional information: One question asked during the Q&A was which share of electricity/energy the use of pellets had in the UK. Some data that breaks down the use of wood (including wood pellets) and its contribution to UK energy is provided here by country: from where one can find the link for 2013: Go into the Sources tab and select UK from Cell B4.  This provides the following general data for the UK for 2013:

Role of Wood Energy in Energy Sector 2013
Share of woody biomass in TPES (%) 1.4%
Share of woody biomass in RES (%) 26.4%
Share of wood energy generated from black liquor, energy basis (%) 0.0%
Imported wood fuel as share of wood energy, volume basis (%) 65.2%


Energy Resources 2013
Total primary energy supply, TPES (ktoe) 190,952
Share of renewables (RES) in TPES 5.3%
Total wood energy supply, volume basis (1000 m3) 13,364
Total wood energy supply, energy basis (ktoe) 2,671

The amount of electricity produced by Drax in 2015/2016, and the share of this electricity in the UK mix in these years is given in the following Table:

2015 2016
16% of total UK renewable electricity generated 16% of total UK renewable electricity generated
~8% of UK electricity 7% of UK electricity
26.7 TWh total electricity generated. (11.5 TWh of which was biomass generation) 19.6 TWh total electricity generated (biomass 65% of this)


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