WS10: The Impact of Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC)

12 May 2009
Location: The Netherlands, Rotterdam

This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo63 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 12 May 2009. At the workshop presentations were given by 12 invited speakers and consisted of four sessions as follows:

Session 1: How significant could the environmental and social impacts of ILUC due to bioenergy feedstock production be?

Session 2: What tools and methodologies are available for
monitoring ILUC? What are the main technical uncertainties?

Session 3: How do we assess the impacts of ILUC?

Session 4: What policy approaches which take account of ILUC are being developed?

A proceedings of the workshop is also available.


ExCo63 Indirect land use change – summary and conclusions

ExCo63 P00 Introduction on Bioenergy – The Impact on ILUC – J. Spitzer

ExCo63 P01 Indirect Land Use Change Due to Bioenergy Production – Neil Bird

ExCo63 P02 Bioenergy and Indirect Land Use Change – Jeremy Woods

ExCo63 P03 Effect of Land Use Change on Biodiversity and Livelihoods – D. de Nie

ExCo63 P04 Bioenergy and Land Use – Background drivers, marginal effects and analytical options – J-E Petersen

ExCo63 P05 Evaluating the Impacts of ILUC – B. Eickhout

ExCo63 P06 Comparison of Available Modelling Approaches for ILUC assessments related to Biofuels – P. Witzke

ExCo63 P07 Assessing Land Uses and Possible Sustainable Transition Paths to Biofuels Development – R.Nelson

ExCo63 P08 The ILUC Factor – A simplified approach to assess GHG Implications of ILUC from Bioenergy – U. Fritsche

ExCo63 P09 ILUC in the Bioenergy Sector – a view from Brazil – E. Desplechin

ExCo63 P10 Ensuring that Biofuels Deliver on Their Promise of Sustainability – C. Opal

ExCo63 P11 Legislation on ILUC – an EU perspective – P. Hodson

ExCo63 P12 The California Low Carbon Fuel Standard – J. Courtis