IEA Bioenergy Webinar – Flexible Bioenergy in Renewable Energy Systems

18 Mar 2021

IEA Bioenergy Webinar Series – 18 March 2021

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The global energy system transition is driven by steep reductions in the generation costs of wind and solar energy as well as political efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Growing shares of variable renewable energy (VRE) in the energy supply system pose concerns about guaranteeing an uninterrupted supply of electricity, balancing seasonal imbalances in supply and demand, and providing renewable fuels in all sectors. Bioenergy can play multiple roles, both during the transition phase and in the long-term. Flexible bioenergy concepts have potential to provide low-carbon dispatchable resources in terms of long-term storage, peak demand/back-up and demand response. However, the flexibility of bioenergy as well as attractive business cases motivating flexibility provision need to be developed. IEA Bioenergy Task 44 aims at creating a clearer picture on the role of bioenergy as a flexible resource. In addition to understanding the technical maturity, market status and R&D needs of different concepts, it is also important to identify the framework conditions affecting the priorisation of the different solutions. The webinar presents the findings on technical options for providing flexibility from bioenergy and framework conditions and expectations in different countries. The associated reports Flexible bioenergy – Technical options and Expectations and implementation of flexible bioenergy in different countries will be published soon.

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