IEA Bioenergy Webinar – Future Prospects for Wood Pellet Markets

13 Nov 2019

This webinar presents the findings of the report on the Future Prospects for Wood Pellet Markets.  Wood pellets are well-established in residential heat and large-scale industrial (power) markets, and existing supply can deliver wood pellets at reasonable prices. Yet, given the competition with other renewables (solar, wind), and building efficiency in the longer-term, wood pellet markets are under price pressure, and actually could shrink in the near future,  specially for co-firing in powerplants.

The report showed that:

  • further technology development can reduce wood pellet costs along (international) supply chains significantly, and
  • can broaden the feedstock base to low-cost material (e.g. bagasse, wood wastes), while
  • torrefaction can, compared to traditional white pellets, improve energy, GHG and cost performance of long-distance supply, allowing for widespread applications.

In case studies, future options for pellets were explored (high-temperature industrial heat, steelmaking, BECCS/U), and it was shown that potential exists there, allowing to help achieving the Paris Agreements and the SDGs, especially if adequate CO2  prices are introduced in energy markets.

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