IEA Bioenergy Webinar – Sustainable Lignin Valorisation

04 Nov 2021

IEA Bioenergy Webinar Series – 04 November 2021

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Lignin is the second most abundant biopolymer of land-based biomass, with a huge potential as source of many aromatic chemicals and building blocks. Its full exploitation can increase the profitability of many lignocellulosic biorefineries and produce biobased products. Despite the great potential for biobased materials in several industrial sectors, one main obstacle to the full exploitation is the complex structure of technical lignins as part of the natural variability of different biomass feedstocks but also processes induced differences. The webinar provides an in-depth look at opportunities and challenges of lignin exploitation, emerging trends in research and development.

The report Sustainable Lignin Valorization is available here

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