IEA Biofuel Roadmap

Apr 2011

There is a pressing need to accelerate the development of advanced energy technologies in order to address the global challenges of clean energy, climate change and sustainable development.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), at the request of the G8, is developing a series of roadmaps for some of the most important technologies needed to achieve a global energy-related CO2 target in 2050 of 50% below current levels. Each roadmap develops a growth path for the covered technologies from today to 2050, and identifies technology, financing, policy and public engagement milestones that need to be achieved to realise the technology’s full potential.

This roadmap identifies technology goals and defines key actions that stakeholders must undertake to expand biofuel production and use sustainably. It provides additional focus and urgency to international discussions about the importance of biofuels to a low CO2 future.