New Publication – Measuring, governing and gaining support for sustainable bioenergy supply chains

Jun 2019

These reports summarize the efforts of an IEA Bioenergy inter-task project designed to address the challenges associated with measuring and governing, as well as communicating, how bioenergy systems contribute to sustainable development. Beginning in 2016 and concluding in late 2018, the project was a collaborative effort between different IEA Bioenergy Tasks that involved a number of studies focusing largely on the agricultural and forestry sectors. The project focused on three main objectives:

  • Objective 1: How to measure and quantify progress towards more sustainable practices?
  • Objective 2: How to improve the input, output, and throughput legitimacy of existing and proposed governance systems?
  • Objective 3: How to engage more successfully with the broad range of stakeholders so that policies and sustainability governance are perceived as legitimate and helpful for build-up of social capital, trust, and support among all stakeholders?

The four summary reports are titled:

  • Measuring, governing and gaining support for sustainable bioenergy supply chains: Main findings and recommendations
  • Methods and tools to assess the sustainability of biomass and bioenergy supply chains
  • Approaches to creating trust in sustainability of bioenergy through effective governance
  • Understanding positions and underlying motivations of stakeholder groups relative to their perceptions of bioenergy

More information about this project and its results are available on the project’s website: