Proteins for Food, Feed and Biobased Applications

Oct 2016

The aim of this IEA Bioenergy Task 42 report is to provide an overview of protein containing crops, types of proteins and side products and their applications, and market potentials for food, feed and biobased applications. This information can be used by all stakeholders active in the BioEconomy to jointly develop integral sustainable biomass valorisation strategies. Specifically for the energy sector, this report shows that upstream protein extraction prior to conversion of biomass into energy and or co-valorisation of protein-rich agro or process residues will add economic value to the overall valorisation of available biomass resources, thereby improving their overall commercial deployment potential.

The report can be downloaded by clicking Proteins-for-Food_Feed_and_Biobased_Applications_-IEA-Bioenergy-Task42_September-2016