Bulletin – Biofuels for Transport: Tracking Clean Energy Progress

Jun 2019

The International Energy Agency has reported that transport biofuel production is currently not on track to meet the goal of 10% output growth per year needed until 2030. Transport biofuels must reach this level of 10% output growth per year in order to align with the Sustainable Development Scenario.

Although production grew by 7% year-on-year in 2018 and experts anticipate that annual production will grow by 3% over the next five years, these numbers will still fall short of the intended goal. To reach the 10% mark, there is a need for greater policy support and innovation to help decrease costs, which could encourage greater biofuel consumption and wider adoption in aviation and marine transport. Greater biofuel output will also necessitate greater sustainability government, as well.

More information at https://www.iea.org/tcep/transport/biofuels/