Call for Tender: Communication Support for the IEA Bioenergy TCP

Aug 2023

The IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Bioenergy TCP) is seeking tenders from qualified individuals or organisations to provide communications specialist support to the IEA Bioenergy TCP.

The work will commence on 1st March 2024, and based on an annual review of performance, budget and tasks, it will be renewed annually up to three years in total (i.e., until 28th February 2027).


The tender document is attached here:

Call for Tender: IEA Bioenergy Communication Support


The closing date for submission of tenders to is the 3rd October 2023.




Clarification question Response
1 Is it possible to work with the communication for IEA Bioenergy as the same time as my current job? This is not a full-time assignment. As such, it should be compatible with other part-time assignments, as long as the activities described in the Scope of Work can be completed in a satisfactory and timely manner.
2 Could you please clarify if it is possible to have access to TCP communication and dissemination action plan? Yes, tenderers may receive a copy of the Communication and Dissemination Action Plan.
3 Could you please provide me with the C&D action plan and, if possible, also the communication strategy? Another relevant document that can be shared with tenderers [beside the Communication and Dissemination Action Plan] is the latest Communications Strategy Implementation Report
4 Would it be possible to receive all appendixes to have more insight regarding audits and analysis? On the other hand, do you have any results related to your activity since the plan has been implemented in 2020? Are there any specific objectives to achieve or aspects to improve in the following three years? See response above

The scope of this tender is high for the stated budget. Should agencies submit proposals a) recommending prioritised deliverables within the stated budget, or b) propose a budget for all the outlined deliverables, even if this is above the state budget in the RFP?

Applicants are invited to propose a budget for all the outlined deliverables.