Examples of Positive Bioenergy and Water Relationships

Feb 2016

Bioenergy is, and will continue to be, a substantial part of the global renewable energy supply in a low carbon economy. Sustainable production and use of bioenergy offers tremendous opportunities for creating positive socio-economic and environmental impacts. The water-energy nexus has been identified as one of those opportunities. Presenting innovative examples is a means of showcasing how bioenergy systems – in both the feedstock production and conversion phases – can generate positive impacts on water and energy. To realise such a showcase, the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy Technology Cooperation Programme (IEA Bioenergy) have joined forces to collect information, analyse it and present the results.


This report, which is the product of the GBEP / IEA Bioenergy collaboration includes examples that illustrate an encouraging variety both in terms of bioenergy systems and geographical distribution, and shows how solutions can be found that produce bioenergy while contributing positively to the state of water. These experiences are also meant to serve as sources of inspiration that other bioenergy producers can use to enhance the sustainability of their own activities.


The full report can be downloaded here AG6_Examples_of_Positive_Bioenergy_and_Water_Relationships_Final